Shoreline Vet Physio Services

Shoreline Vet Physio can offer many rehabilitation options to optimise your animals recovery. These services are available for animals post-surgery or for routine maintenance and performance enhancement. Just as humans benefit from physiotherapy, our animals do too!

Manual Therapy

Our most useful tool is our hands so we incorporate massage into every treatment. Massage increases blood flow and elongates muscle fibres to flush out toxins and increase muscle capability. 

We can also tailor a stretching regime to elongate muscles that are tethered and sore. This improves stride length and range of motion of the limbs to aid in all aspects of training and normal movement. Stretching can also be demonstrated to owners allowing you to get more hands on and enforce their rehabilitation on a more regular basis. 


Shoreline Vet Physio have different electrical stimulation modalities that can enhance your animals healing and offer short-term pain relief. These are especially useful in the early stages of the rehabilitation programme. 

  • The Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) unit stimulates muscles after disuse or immobilisation. This then allows for an exercise programme to further build on these muscles. By stimulating muscles we can increase strength, range of motion and return to function even whilst the animal is non-weight bearing. 

  • The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) unit provides pain relief. TENS can be great for animals that cannot take pain relief medication, as it provides the same affect but is applied externally. There are various different settings we can use to achieve different benefits tailored to your animals needs.

  • The Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) unit enhances the properties of light which is absorbed by the tissues. LASER can be used to stimulate healing of bone, tendon, skin and muscle. This makes the healing process quicker whilst also providing pain relief so the animal is more comfortable. 

Exercise Therapy

After assessing your animal, an exercise programme will be devised tailored to their needs. This will include exercises that you can carry out with your pet at home to optimise their recovery. We have a wide range of equipment that we can lend to owners to enable more exercises that are both rehabilitative and stimulating for your animal too. We incorporate pole work, lungeing, balance exercises, banding, taping and inclines to activate different muscle groups.

Dog rehabilitation exercises

Canine Physiotherapy

We provide physiotherapy for dogs following surgery, for maintenance or for performance enhancement. To find out more about the specific services available for dogs and the assessment process click on the button below.

Horse stretches

Equine Physiotherapy

Whether you are seeking rehabilitation, performance enhancement or just maintenance exercises for your horse we can help! To find out more about the specific services we offer for equines and the assessment process please click the button below.

Other animals

We are able to offer physiotherapy services for a wide range of animals including livestock and exotics. If you would like to know about the services we can offer for other animals please click the button below.