Equine Physiotherapy

Shoreline Vet Physio works with all aspects of the equine industry. We are dedicated to providing rehabilitation and performance enhancement for you and your horse. If you are experiencing any of the following please get in touch: 

  • Reduced performance

  • Change in behaviour including refusing to jump or go forward

  • Poor engagement and collection

  • Difficulty with lateral movements, and stiff action

  • Generally uncooperative

Appointments will be organised at your yard where your horse is comfortable and relaxed. We will require to the owner to be present to allow us to gather some brief history and information about the horse. We will then require the horse to be worked up in walk and trot for a dynamic assessment and sometimes require ridden assessment if necessary so please ensure there is someone present to do this.

Horse rehabilitation exercises

We will work closely with your veterinarian, farrier, saddler, dentist and others to make sure that we address any problems your horse may be having. You will receive a copy of our written assessment for your own record which you can share with other professionals if you wish. 

We can then tailor your horses programme to their needs and your goals, fitting with your facilities and capabilities. This can include pole work, stretches, groundwork and electrotherapy if necessary.

Horse stretches

Please do not try any stretching or manual therapy techniques without the guidance of a qualified therapist to ensure you're not doing more harm than good!

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