Canine Physiotherapy


Shoreline Vet Physio is committed to providing rehabilitation services to all dogs. If you are experiencing any of the following with your dog get in touch: 

  • Reduction in activity levels

  • Stiffness and/or vocalisation from movement

  • Reluctant to get in/out of the car or up/down the stairs.

  • Behavioural changes such as sudden aggression and hiding away

Appointments will be arranged in your home where your dog will be comfortable and relaxed. We will require the owner to be present to allow us to gather a bit of history and information about the dog and to walk the dog for a dynamic assessment to be made. We will also do a static assessment by feeling all the tissues to determine any issues they may have. 

Dog electrotherapy

We will work closely with your veterinarian to ensure any issues are appropriately addressed. We will then tailor a treatment plan to your personal facilities, capabilities and goals including exercises, stretches and electrotherapy if needed. You will receive a copy of our assessment for your own  records which you can discuss with your veterinarian or other professionals if you wish.

Dog rehabilitation exercises

Please do not try any exercises without the guidance of a qualified therapist to ensure you are not doing more harm than good!

Want to learn more about our canine services? Contact us today.